the spark

that lit the flame

While working as a crew on a snorkel tour sailboat, I was exposed to the beauty and wonder of the sea, AND the direct impact single use plastics are having on our environment.


During certain tides, our snorkel destinations would be littered with tiny pieces of plastic, old toothbrushes, bottles, and miscellaneous objects that were probably only used a couple times and then thrown "away".


Our guests would literally be wading through trash asking "where are all the fish?", and yet those same people were walking around with single use water bottles, oblivious to the connection between our own habits and the environment.


This triggered a determination to step up my own eco-game and dream up a way to create balance between industry and the natural world. When my husband and I made the big move to the "mainland", I decided to combine my fervor for reducing waste with my entrepreneurial spirit, and a brainchild was born.  


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