product guidelines

By implementing these values we hope to pave the way for zero waste businesses


As we strive for zero waste (nothing ending up in the landfill), we request that all packaging, whether we are buying your product in bulk or individually packaged, is either:

1. REUSEABLE- items built to last such as large tubs, glass jars, steel canisters, wood boxes etc. that can be returned and used as packaging again.

2. Actually RECYCLABLE- Many forms of plastic, waxed paper and lined cardboards have recycle symbols on them but cannot be recycled in Portland facilities. We will only accept packaging that can be recycled here in Portland. 

3. COMPOSTABLE- Some cardboards and bioplastics can go in the green bin! Super bonus if your product comes wrapped in materials like these!


As supporting local economy is part of our business standard, inventory will be prioritized based on proximity.


Portland and regional products are favored, and out of state suppliers will only be accepted if the above are not available.


We are taking an aggressive stance to cut down on fossil fuels for delivery, and to strengthen our small business community. 

quality & ethics

As a specialty store we want to ensure that every item is made with integrity, and a "quality over quantity" mindset.


We favor small batch, handmade products and prefer organic, local ingredients whenever possible.  

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